Activity C: Our Time and Place at UBC


To locate our presence at UBC today against the backdrop of contrasting and overlapping national and institutional historical contexts.


Participants review Appendix 1: Our Time and Place at UBC and write down their response to the four reflection questions provided in the material.


  1. Prepare four flipchart sheets. On each sheet, write down a pair of event headings and the corresponding reflection question from the Appendix 1. For example, on a flipchart for Pair I, write:
    • 1925 – UBC Point Grey Campus Opens
    • 1920 – Residential School Attendance becomes Compulsory
    • Reflection question: How do these contrasting events change your view of UBC and/or Canadian history?
  2. Put up the flipchart sheets on the wall.


  1. Participants write their response to the reflection questions on sticky notes.
  2. Participants put their reflection comments around the corresponding flipchart sheet on the wall.
  3. Participants walk around the room to review posted comments.
  4. Some large group discussion/reflection questions to consider:
    • What were some of the common and diverging themes among the reflection comments? What do these themes tell us about our social positions and relationships with one another at UBC?
    • How might the relationship between UBC and Indigenous peoples affect your experiences at UBC today? How is this relationship represented within your specific discipline?
    • How might UBC’s history in relation to Indigenous peoples overlap with or diverge from your discipline’s historical relationship with Indigenous peoples and knowledges (e.g., how Indigenous peoples are represented, how Indigenous knowledges are valued or marginalized)?
    • What are the areas in the discipline that you are interested in engaging with (e.g., learn more about X, critically analyze Y, participate in or launch an initiative concerning Z)?