Theme I: Time and Place

This section offers three learning activities: Activity A, B, and C. While all of the activities are on the theme of time and place, they have a slightly different learning objective and format from each other. You can see a full description of each activity by clicking on the left navigation pane, but you may find the summary below helpful to compare the activities and select an appropriate activity for your teaching needs and context.

  • Activity A: Where Are You From? – This activity does not require the timeline, and it is meant to serve as an entry point to learning about local histories at UBC. The activity physically articulates participants’ ancestral and geographical trajectories to the current place and engages them in a conversation about their relationships to the local geographical space that they occupy in a broad and yet tangible way.
  • Activity B: What Is My Relationship to the Histories of This Place? – In this activity, users (i.e., facilitator, participants) look for historical events in the timeline that are relevant to them or their discipline. The activity aims to develop a personal connection with the local histories at UBC against the backdrop of broader historical contexts. It also aims to address multiple ways in which people with different backgrounds are related to histories of this place. It offers two variations to facilitate the activity, and you can choose either one of them based on your teaching needs and time available for the activity.
  • Activity C:  Our Time and Place at UBC – This activity offers ready-made four sets of historical events at UBC and Canada and reflection questions in order to locate our current presence at UBC against the backdrop of contrasting and overlapping national and institutional historical contexts. If you would like more flexibility or control over content, you may consider selecting Activity B, Variation 2.